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GameNation Championship Series

Welcome to the GNCS

Partnering with Hypefestation, we are proud to announce the GameNation Championship Series, a premier league for Gears of War 3.
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Hypefestation New Rules and Settings

New maps added

Hypefestation has added new rules and settings, which will also be used in the GameNation Championship Series Season 0.
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Latest News
July 17, 201413 days ago

GameNation announces Hypefestation partnership

Hypefestation, a Gears of War production and event company, has partnered with GameNation to help create and manage it’s new GameNation Championship Series. Read more
July 17, 201413 days ago

Welcome to the GameNation Championship Series

Gears of War fans, welcome to the GameNation Championship Series! The GNCS is a new league designed to help give Gears of War players and fans the best experience possible when it comes to competitive Gears of War. Read more
July 17, 201413 days ago

Welcome to the launch of the new GameNation

Welcome everyone to the latest version of GameNation! We are proud to announce the creation of a new GameNation, in partnership with Hypefestation and Flux Media, LLC. GameNation was created six years ago as a Gears of War community, and it still likes to serve that function, but now, in a whole new way. Read more